The facility continues its activities in a closed area of 25.000 square meters established on an open area of 84.592 square meters; It has 2000 tons of shock product cooling and 2000 cattle resting (0-4 degrees) with 4 main cold storage.

Business; In addition to the storage of oils supplied from Gaziantep, Ereğli, Denizli branches and other provinces, AKŞEKER GROUP serves as the logistics center of the product flow between production units and sales units in the supply chain.


AKŞEKER GROUP facility has 542 square meters closed area over 2.222 square meters open area in Eskihisar since 2011.


Former Gaziantep Meat Combination Inc. demolished, in 2015 AKŞEKER GROUP built a new slaughterhouse. There is a system which is operated on a closed area of 22.000 square meters, established on an open area of 55.000 square meters.


Facility; It is established in an open area of 4,800 square meters and operates in a closed area of 1,500 square meters. In the slaughterhouse, there are 8 cold storage depots and in addition to the slaughterhouse, there are live animal shelters for cattle and sheep.